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Below are various educational offerings from partners in the entrepreneurial industry. Please visit our EVENTS page for educational offerings from the Florida Veterans Business Outreach Center. 

PPP Webinar Series for Your Small Business

The SBA has some key changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which will be available for a limited amount of time to ensure America’s smallest businesses get exclusive access. If you are a small business owner with 20 employees or less, or are self-employed; there is new information for you. Please join us for a series of webinars hosted by the SBA, Public Private Strategies Institute and other stakeholders to hear about: what steps you can take now to take advantage of this special opportunity, which closes Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 5 p.m. EST, additional changes and recent policy announcements made by the Biden-Harris Administration, and have your questions answered by SBA leadership. 

  • Asian-American + Pacific Island, Native American + Tribal Small Business Owners, 3/4/2021, 3:00pm Eastern. Register Here
  • Black + African-American Small Business Owners, 3/5/2021, 1:00pm Eastern. Register Here
  • Hispanic Small Business Owners, 3/5/2021, 3:00pm Eastern. Register Here
  • Veterans, Self-Employed Business Owners, 3/6/2021, 2:00pm Eastern. Register Here
  • LGBTQ+ Business Owners, Youth Entrepreneurs, Restaurant Owners, 3/8/2021, 3:00pm Eastern. Register Here

SCORE webinars, courses, and workshops, VIEW HERE 

SCORE for Black Small Business Owners, SCORE is here to support all small business owners. Black entrepreneurs face unique barriers to business success. SCORE is working to change that by providing Black small business owners with access to personalized support. Browse the comprehensive collection of resources that address the specific challenges Black business owners face in today’s world. SCORE for Black Entrepreneurs.

National Women’s Business Council: Visit HERE to view upcoming topics for Webinar Wednesdays, webinars to support women entrepreneurs in starting and growing your business.

Your Business – From Vision to Reality, 3/9/2021, 6:00pm, Eastern, Online Workshop. Whether you have a fully established business or you are just formulating your ideas, one of your biggest challenges is making your vision a reality. You will leave this workshop with a clear and actionable plan and tools to formulate and transform your vision into an accountable strategy. Register Here
Igniting Your Business, March 11th, 18th, 15th 2021, 6:00pm, Eastern, Online Workshop. Business survival, recovery and sustainability requires getting revenue streams operating while balancing expenses. This program will help you identify and prioritize the steps you can immediately take to restart or revamp your business as the local and national economies are restarting. Register Here.

Ask the CPA: 2021 Tax Advice for Your Small Business, 3/11/2021, 1:00pm. The hour will be dedicated to answering your tax-related questions and concerns and offer tax advice you can implement throughout the year. Register Here

Keys to Global Market Success, 3/16/2021, 2:00pm, Eastern. Join SBA’s Office of International Trade as we celebrate the impact Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) have on the export success of U.S. small businesses. For more than 40 years, countless entrepreneurs and small business owners have received assistance to start, grow and expand their businesses with the help of an SBDC. Register Here. The webinar will include:

  • Insights from successful small business exporters who have effectively tapped the services of SBDCs and International Trade Centers to sell overseas
  • Strategies for launching or expanding your global sales
  • Briefings from SBDC and SBA international trade specialists on resources available to support your global market success, including grant programs to support the costs of expanding your company’s international sales

Intellectual Property – Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Law, 3/16/2021, 6:00pm, Eastern. Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law – What should business owners know about protecting their intellectual property? Much of what you do in business can be easily protected in a way that helps build the value of your company. For example, your company name or logo means more the longer that you are in business. Protect it so others cannot use it and so it becomes a business asset when/if you sell your business. Register Here.

Starting Your Own Business as a Foreigner, 3/17/2021, 6:00pm, Eastern. Learn valuable tips on all that you need to consider, from visas consideration, real estate, industry and the business that matches your strengths, deciding on green field start or acquiring a franchise type of business. Hear about challenges that you could face. The seminar is based on personal experience sharing that could be valuable for many foreign investors. There is a $15 fee to attend. Register Here.

How to Define Your Vision and Increase Your Probability of Success, 3/18/2021, 2:00pm Eastern. Your vision is the source of inspiration for your company and your life. Do you know how you can increase the probability of making your vision come true by 50-80%? Register Here.

Raising Capital After 2 Years of Business: Dos and Don’ts, 3/18/2021, 3:00pm Eastern. Your doors have been open for 2 years or less and you’re feeling it’s time to expand? What should you do next? Is expansion always the right move? Join Mark J. Kohler, CPA & Small Business Attorney, on March 18 as he discusses the options for raising capital and the do’s and don’ts in this powerful 1-hour webinar. Register Here

Basics of Small Business Bankruptcy, 3/23/2021, 1:00pm Eastern. This webinar will focus on understanding the basics of small business bankruptcy, and discuss when it can help a business, how it works, consequences, and more. Register Here

Taking Veteran-Owned Businesses Into the Global Marketplace, 3/24/2021, 2:30-4:00pm Eastern Time. Veterans have unique experiences and contract networks that can help facilitate global sales success. Companies engaged in international trade can earn higher revenue, employ more, and sty in business longer than those that do not. Join the SBA’s Office of International Trade and the VBOC at Old Dominion University as we celebrate and learn from the export success of veteran-owned businesses sharing their stories of global market success. Register Here.

Virtually Creating Your Trifecta Tribe – Mentors, Peers & Mentees in Business, 3/30/2021, 1:00pm, Now more than ever, it is imperative to the success of your business that you are engaged in and adept at building ethical, authentic, and diverse connections. Register Here


The Florida Veterans Business Outreach Center is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with Gulf Coast State College and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). All opinions, conclusions, and/or recommendations expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SBA.